China/HKG Bond-truck Logistics

Hong Kong Cross Docking & China Bond-Truck Service

Semi-finished/finished product flow between Hong Kong and China:-

In some industries, there is always a manufacturing chain that consists of multiple up-stream, middle stream and down-streaming manufacturing processing and sectors. Simply saying is a blouse that the up-stream manufacturing processing sector is a fabric factory, while the down-stream is a garment factory. More as an Automotive Maker and electronics appliance industry would have numerous up-stream manufacturers, such as parts, components, glass, paints…..etc.. . engaging a more complexity in trading and logistics flow.

Hong Kong is the closest city accessible to China; especially Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Xiamen, shanghai…….in term of mileage. The activities of up-stream manufacturers exporting from South China to Hong Kong, and from Hong Kong re-export back to China all cities become a vital cargo flow channel to facilitate the 1st sector of up-stream manufacturer, to sell their semi-finished/finished product to 2nd/next buyers in China.

Hong Kong Cross Docking Service:-

Scanwell offers warehousing service in Hong Kong to facilitate the receiving of goods carrying by Hongkong/China Cross-Border Truck <dual license plate> into Hong Kong from China.

It is a comprehensive and extensive service taken place in term of Customs and Cargo Flow from Ex China Factory Door pick-up, exportation customs process ex China, Cross border trucking service and importation with Hong Kong customs, and also allows further re-export from Hong Kong into China again efficiently same day or next day with Scanwell’s transshipment license.

Upon cargo arrived in Hong Kong, there are few options for Consignee to arrange the imported goods, such as for local buyers in Hong Kong, re-export to China, and to consolidate with other consignment as a Trucking Consolidation per assigned end Customs Bond at destination of different cities in China. Cross-docking warehouse is to accomplish with various sort of value add service, such as pick-pack, assortment, labels, and consolidation to multiple China buyers per assigned destination. Documentation and checking service is provided to ensure the seamless of mapping correct HS code against Shipper’s invoice matching with importation declaration. Discount pricing is offered for U-turn shipments.

Cross Border Trucking Service to and from China and Hong Kong:-

Scanwell is a Non-trucker own carrier operator with long experience in China market with reliable trucking partnership in running specific route within China cities. It associates all sorts of service to meet with Shipper’s schedule, booking and arrival time. Service integrated with Bond-trucking schedule , customs brokers, Commodity Inspection Bureau, Cross-border trucker cross-docking loading, Bond truck border customs, GPS/Routing control, risk management, contingency plan for any exception situation, road insurance coverage, packing and skidding inspection, assortment and skid label, TMS and track-trace, documentation process, HS code check and consultancy, Import bond facility operation, KPI control, Vendor management, end buyer customer service extended in receiving condition, piece-counting, insurance claims for any accident and cargo risk,..etc….

Destination Customs Bond relationship building:-

Not 100% of China city, that Customs render the Import bond-trucking business. Still in most of China cities need to work out with local Customs office to extend such as a service. Theoretically, customs bond data is integrated nation-wide, however, technically, we need to develop and set-up the integration of local customs for bond-trucking linkage to Cross-border customs of bond-truck; especially, in North, Mid-west China.

Advantage using of Bond-trucking versus Hongkong to and from China airfreight:-

Time factor. It is door to door service that total trucking voyage transit time may not be slower than by air. For distance less than 2,000 km, normally total transit time is 12-24 hours More than airfreight. Less chance of Cargo damage- Rough handling of cargo is common and frequent to cause cargo and packing damages in most of domestic airport. Airfreight is port to port service, that having limitation in space, and size of air- craft door. Standard Skid Size package may not be fitting into small air-craft especially for those remote cities. Therefore, Bond full-truck load is an advantage in controlling the condition of cargo, as long as pre-schedule is well planned. Cost saving factor – One price quote for FCL, and LCL <some main cities only>, that is more economical than airfreightage plus a local air-port handling and bond-transfer. Well coordination enables just-in-time efficiency to both shipper and buyers.