China-Japan Trading Assistant Program

China-Japan Trading Assistant Program

A win-win mutual benefit mode:-

Japan is the main market of China's foreign trade as well as the largest trading partners. With the vigorous development of the world economy and the continuous progress of information technology, more and more Japanese businessmen eyeing the Chinese market, but also we benefit that to find business opportunities to expand overseas market, so frankly speaking, this is a win-win mutual benefit mode. We bridge the China-Japan trade and we construct supplier-buyer. We make the future is now.

Our business support make the trading and logistics everything in the between:-

Scanwell is a step ahead of other logistics companies in trading assistant area. Rely on our powerful network and close cooperative relationship with the Japan Chamber of Commerce as well as companies in Japan, we have developed this business early phase which is to aim at small and medium-sized enterprises in Japan. Our Japanese staff will meet to communicate with customers, understand their needs. Then customize a proper trade procedure according to the customers’ requirements and the enterprise features. We provide China to Oversea trade support service includes sourcing, price negotiation,contracts,QC,settlement,document translation and transportation. Since many customers encounter the language of communication barriers and fear of the lack of understanding of the Chinese market, as well as on international trade tedious process, this is bound to limit the development of enterprises. We would like to emphasize again that our efforts are to make you brave to take this step of the enterprises, likewise you can experience a comprehension one-stop service and solution on your behalf to solve these trade problems.

Service contents:-

Sourcing: Confirm customer request and find right factory and products
Order Samples: Collect samples or design new product. (OEM.ODM)
Quote for products: Collect quotations from several factories.
Quote for transportation and tax: Offer total cost and unit price per product.
Documentation: Make required documents such as P/L,I/V and certificate of origin.
Quality Control: Visit factory for last check.
Transportation: Door to Door delivery service.
Settlement support: HKG, China, Oversea payment support for trading part and transportation part.
Translation: Interpretation with factory, translation with concerned documents and support your business trip to China.

Additional value add service:-

License production---A license is a grant of permission to allow another to make use of intellectual property rights. We can also offer license for sell or offer customer with production.


Industrial products: Wood products, pipe, floor material, window frame, door, glass, plywood, wallpaper, bathtub, bamboo material, particle board, laminated, toilet, stone
Electrical appliance: DVD player, USB, speaker, doughnuts maker, recorder, LED products, car navigation
Sundries: Bed, mattress, sheets, futon, chair, desk, mirror, sofa, sink, lighting stand, wardrobe, dishes, table, tray, plastic goods, hotel amenity, etc
Toys: Radio-controlled car, radio-controlled helicopter, character goods, stationary, stuffed, ball, plastic toys, pen lights, megaphone, bicycle, etc.
Additional service of ODM and OEM service are to be provided upon requirement.