Origin Scan-pack Garment

China Origin – Wearing Apparel: Scan-Pack Service & Solution Origin Pick-Pack to Store Level:-

Scanwell has dedicated teams in China located in Shanghai and Shenzhen to render Scan-Pack solution for medium/high end fashion importers worldwide.

The service program has developed to aim for efficient cost and time saving, as well as for effective distribution. Importer’s D.C. by pass model becomes a market trend to reduce the maintenance of Distribution Centre at destination country. This end to end supply chain flow eliminates double pick-pack handlings, re-distribution cost and time for all pre-sales Orders especially for country whereas logistics and labor cost is relatively high.

Point to point service:-

Service covers end to end cargo distribution from multiple manufactory points to multiple final destination points, desk to desk information from PO creation/receiving up to final ASN.

We offer wide-range of integrated service and flexibility with planning, implementa- tion, and service quality assurance. Scanwell has been specialized in wear apparel industry in USA, Europe, and Australia with years of experience in handling GOH , flat-pack, multi-size of custom-made GOH rackings for cross-docking; and earned a recognized reputation from most of vendors in Far East, and wearing apparel importers worldwide; including prestige private labels, and Stores.

Service specification at Origin:-

PO management – multiple options as:- interfaces with Buyers system, set-up of Scanwell SAAS PO management
system collaborating with Vendors progress,
Vendor Management, PO approval to ship, and compliance

PO breakdown and quantity receiving
Stores allocation mapping,
TAPA - Secured Multi-Storey Pick-pack centre, equipments, security compliance.
Q.C. compliance at receiving point,
Pick-pack per store level
Flat-pack:- Bar-coding per piece level <smallest SKU>, and re-pack carton label per store level,
GOH-pack:- Bar-coding per piece level <smallest SKU>, and re-pack per GOH Bag to store level.
Export documentation per Shipper, check/renewal, including shipper invoice and packing list.
Loading optimization per container, including custom-made GOH bars, separation with mixed flat-pack.
Buyer consolidation for multiple shippers,
Scan-pack bar-coding operation and EDI
International Freight arrangement in Air and Ocean booking, schedule, customs process.
Optional equipment for collapsible rack and return.

Service specification at destination:-

Freight receiving
Customs clearance, optional,
Cross-docking quantity and quality examination,
Additional storage for flat-pack and GOH for buyer inventory,
Order processing and local distribution
Inventory management
Performance management
IT and reporting visibility:-

Buyer’s Portal track and trace, and reports,
Vendor PO distribution and Compliance.
Scan-pack visibility of style, size, per PO, carton, and piece level at SKU level.
Inventory report at different level of events.
Scanwell Asian countries Scan-Pack operation and additional value add service:-

Most of Scanwell’s Asian offices are running CFS warehouse for CFS/CY shipments, which already equips with a pick-pack and assortment functions. Should there be any multi-countries Scan-pack operation, Scanwell would extend the service at all time.
Additional service of steaming, bagging, tags, ticketing, re-labeling, re-hanger..etc..service is to be provided upon requirement.