China Trade Assistant Program

China Trade Assistance Service and Support Program

How you can be assistant in Exploring China Trade:

Sourcing in China is alwaysfline-bg-wrapper one of the key issues to numerous business houses today. There are series of challenges that hinder business houses to proceed and to engage in making buying decision from supplier in China; especially when coming across in new suppliers via the internet....B2B.... As this proliferates, there now begins to exist a higher level of "risk" in commitment of purchase dollars to a supplier that is only known on the web. Scanwell, via its vast, skilled, geographically covered pres- ence in China, Vietnam and certain other countries in Asia, is a RESOURCE waiting to be tapped and available to assist your new source of procurement. By adding this extra layer of information and support, buyers should have a higher "comfort level" in making such buying decisions.

Scanwell's service extended, but not limited to:

Legitimacy of supplier, trading company, manufacturer, distributor, handler... Scope of products offered by Vendors.
Major Clients and market of Vendors.
General marketing information about such suppliers.
Site visit to supplier premises.
Q.C. requirement, process fulfillment and Scanwell staff, or set up of third parties.
Ex Scanwell origin warehouse trading term and inspection of receiving requirements.

Sample handling.

Business trip arrangement, including airport/hotel pick-up, trip to supplier site, business appointment and escort service, and language translation service.

Payment processing upon Ex Scanwell origin warehouse trade-term.

Value add export documentation, including revised invoices for 3rd party country direct distribution.

Value add merchandising, warehousing, pick-pack, and logistics service accomplished

Accessorial notes:

Scanwell provides such services in the interest of handling clients supply chain/freight needs.

The trading support is one of assistance and co-ordination.

There is charges for this service, consist of direct expenses incurred in getting the clients request completed. The quote based on the calculation of Scanwell staff time and direct expenses incurred, such as travelling, site visits, accommodation if any.

At all times, clients will be advised of costs, and subject to confirmation, prior to service will be proceed further