Cold Chain Logistics

Cold Chain Logistics

Temperature-controlled makes your products keep timeliness and safety:--

Scanwell is providing temperature-controlled storage and logistics services to pro- cessors, distributors, food service providers and retailers across all over China. We are the total logistics company which provides efficient solutions to help safeguard quality and safety throughout all the stages of the global food supply chains.

Through our Contract Logistics Management, Scanwell manages a network of supply chain facilities including Refrigerated trucks and provide several centralize and modernize refrigerated warehouses. The centralized accommodate for optimal stacking and to prevent any other form of damages to customers’ products. Its temperature offered can reach up to -18°C (+/- 2°C) throughout the network and all facilities with a computerized monitoring system feature.

The company is constantly looking forward to achieve best in excellence, mutual benefit and quality of service to our customer in order to maximize the market potential. We trust that to grow with the culture that always emphasize on cost effective delivery, efficient management, storage and timely distribution.

Cold Chain Products:-

Food – fruits, vegetable, meat, prepared food
Beverages – wine, beer, juice, bottled water
Pharmaceuticals – bio-engineered drugs, antibiotics, experimental drug compounds

Seafood Handling

Cut Flowers Handling
Medical products - IV solutions
Specialty chemicals
Water based paint & adhesives
Human organs


Partition temperature controlled warehousing and Ultra-low temperature storage
Refrigerated Shipping
Refrigerated Road Transport and LTL consolidation service
Packing and Dispatch
Air Freight of Perishables
Top quality handling and security services
GPS security surveillance and Online tracking & tracing
Scheduled departures and deliveries
Short lead times
Central booking and administration
Online tracking & tracing
Temperature data recording
DC by pass