F&B Service

F&B Service

We bundle your goods deliveries and make your "one-stop-shopping" come true:-

F&B requires highly capable logistics services. SCANWELL's intensive Asian network and a service chain certified in accordance with the most stringent international quality standards makes us a qualified partner for the foodstuffs industry and food retailers.

We offer a total supply chain solution encompassing all aspects of food, beverage and confectionary distribution. We can handle all of your logistics needs from sourcing and procurement of materials to operating production acilities to managing distribution centers to comprehensive transportation services. Of course you can also have complete confidence in us when it comes to EHS. Through our outsourcing qualified program, our subcontractors are all qualified to meet different standard such as SSOPs, PCO, On-going training sanitation programs etc...

Our supply chain solutions are adapted exactly to your requirements. They are based on expertise, innovation, reliability, sustainability and last but not leasta partnership based on trust. Our dedicated team plans unique and suitable solution for your requirements and facilitates inbound logistics, warehousing and distribution across your catering network from individual product to full scale food and beverage programs.


Multi-temperature and humidity-controlled storage, including air-conditioned, cooler and frozen environments
Lot and expiration date code tracking throughout the facility (inbound, storage, delivery)
Perpetual cycle counting and stock rotation
CIQ Audits
Organically Certified
Lot-code First In, First Out, stock rotation logic
Contract and public warehousing
Temperature-controlled LTL and FTL outbound delivery service
Comprehensive freight consolidation and a proven perishable network of pool distribution services
Cross-docking, transloading and pick-packing
Value-added: packaging, kitting, marking/tagging, display-building,
Privately-held and asset-based with an in-house fleet of refrigerated and dry freight vans and trailers
Robust barcode scan enabledWarehouse Management System (WMS) designed to support the food industry and to manage inventory control
Restaurants chains
Convenience chains
Catering chains