Hand Carry

Hand - Carry:<China to selected cities>

Time is top priority:-

For urgent deliveries of small packages and prototypes, Scanwell provides the latest possible cut-off times and fastest means of pick-up and delivery. The feature of Hand-carry service enables a faster mode and more simplified procedure in custom clearance at final destination.

For critically urgent deliveries, your schedule is our priority. We offers hand carry service within the China, as well as many international locations. This service can be set up on an inbound or outbound basis, domestic or international, and even offshore to offshore locations; wherever you may have a plan schedule of possible Hand-carry urgency. Scanwell strategically selects China cities for Hand-carry ser- vice mainly because this is to most frequent and busy.

Service Tenet: Time, security and privacy:-

Commercial activities areas; of with urgency is meant to be immediately that taken action within 24 hours. Not many local citizens have valid visa for immediate on board of 1st available flight for Hand-carry. Scanwell team has prepared adequate travelers to most of international country, such as, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, E.U., and USA.

This unique service offers for the highest level of time critical, security and privacy. For valuable items, commercial samples, or sensitive documents which are requires door-to-door, door to airport or airport to airport quickly and reliable delivery around the world. Our company staff will pickup the items from your doorstep, and then our well-trained on board courier will accompany the items on flight and delivers it directly to your recipient in perfect condition.

Solution at stand by:-

Direct access to our hand carry team 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. (via e-mail, sms and mobile phone)

A solution for your time-critical shipment can be submitted you within 5-10 minutes after your request.

Transit time for delivery is differ from 3-24 hours depends on the destination, ensuring that your package reach its final destination in the shortest time as possible.

Dependable due to our well-trained couriers, global coverage and substantial experience.