Sea-Air Program ex Asia

Inter Asia and USA LCL DC by pass program Program features:-

LCL-DC by Pass Program as a Scanwell standard service product to promote within all Asian cities to all cities in US. The service model is designed to US Medium and small buyers, of whom, would enjoy a flexibility of accepting smaller Sales Orders within all different city- locations in US by offering Port to Door, LDP service.

Benefits and advantages for buyers:-

a. A transparent standard rate/matrix to calculate merchandising through logistics cost, or LDP cost by figuring table from each Asian origin to each city in US destina- tion per CBM within a transit time.

b. Medium and small Importer would have more flexibility in accepting large and small Sales Order quantity and easily to figure out freight cost per destination, by skipping a FCL. A more meaning in saving to trim down double handling and redis- tribution to end buyers, nor to run a 3rd party DC in USA, so that to achieve savings in time and expense.

c. Importer would use our price matrix to counter-check and verify what their exist- ing cost is paying and would find out if Scanwell’s competitiveness.

d. Scanwell’s US+Asian+China one-stop network is fully covered for importers easily managed in our set menu. An information flow is chained to communicate with vendors, service providers, customs broker, trucking distribution, end destination depot, or DC., and to door end buyers. This is an all in one collaborative platform by fixed price, committed service, transit time, location of depots, information exchange, track/trace, reporting, billings…etc…

Scanwell’s competitiveness in open policy cost as a foundation of matrix quote per fixed price per CBM:-

a. A visible selling price matrix inclusive of all scanwell Origin hubs, all sort of local cost <CFS, port, handling, misc> Ocean freight cost <per consol box rate>,

Customs brokerage, destination cost, LCL trucking cost via LAX, or other gateway into 50 states.

b. Customs Brokerage: A Total marketing product is to provide more flexible options for Importers in LCL service, <Partnership Alliance with a prestige Customs Broker, such as Carmichael Internation…etc..… >

Option 1: Customs clearance by Scanwell <partnership with alliance Broker>
Option 2: Customs clearance by Importer appointed Broker in Lax - gateway.
Option 3: Customs clearance by Importer appointed Broker at end destination depot.

c. Scanwell’s appointed end destination fixed Depots, and or a professional D.C.:-
Option 1: Normal destination Deport <For cross-dock cartons> - Those end-buyers pick-up at fixed depots after customs clearance.
Option 2: A professional D.C. <For cross-dock cartons> - Those end-buyers may need further Store Level receiving process, such as Bar-code & ASN.
Option 3: A professional D.C. <For pick-pack> Those importer/end-buyers may need a further Pick-pack process and re-distribute.

d. Value – Add service to accomplish the LCL-DC by Pass Program:- Origin Pick-Pack Functions
Option 1: Origin should have a general service to meet with Cross-Dock assortment function at origins.
Option 2: Origin should have a Origin Pick-Pack function to meet with re-packing and assortment.
Option 3: Origin should have a Pick-pack functions, bar-code capability to meet with an Origin Scan-Pack to Store Level.

e. Scanwell’s network provides a total visibility in tracking all PO and shipping events. Customized buyer’s portal enables to provide the best self-serve reports in accordance to the needs of data information required by buyer’s office and different personnel requirement internally.

f. A flexibility in offering as a Promotion, Per Price to New customers, Per discount, per accumulated CBM/shipments, per Time-break, per new trial new customers, ..etc…

Scanwell logistics is your long-term logistics partner in consideration of organizing the best interest and best practice to solve your work load at most economical cost. Our Asian network is qualified to work out the best vendor management to value add into your supply chain management.