Project Cargo Service

Project Cargo Service

Project cargo refers to those items transported by heavy haul trucks, freight trains, cargo planes and/or cargo ships that are oversized or overweight and otherwise too big and bulky or too heavy to fit into standard containers. Examples of cargo items include manufacturing equipment, air conditioners, modular factory components, skid mounted industrial process systems, generators and turbines, oilfield pipe and heavy equipment.

Site to site service makes your project cargo experience a comfortable journey:-

Project cargo has it own unique requirements and can be especially challenging. Our experiences told us that no two projects are ever the same. Each requires a high level of flexibility and innovative problem solving to meet the very specialized needs of our clients. At Scanwell, to help you navigate the complex requirements, our project cargo group offers integrated logistics project management and transportation services to ensure your freight reaches its destination according to plan. We have the ability to provide tiered support based on the scope of any project. We will facilitate all aspects of any move to ensure the seamless coordination of your move. We can manage your plant relocation, handle assembly/disassembly of equipment, coordinate your heavy haul shipment or manage a complicated multimodal project.

Out-of-the-box thinking is required in order to create and implement effective solutions. To support your project cargo initiatives, our reliable project cargo team collaborates with your staff, delivers preplanning recommendations, coordinates orders, and executes transportation. You can meet your obligations with project freight that is delivered on time, on budget, and in good condition.

Service products:-

Over-dimensional (ODC)
Over-weight cargoes (OWC)
Heavy lifting cargos
Industry cargos
Flexible delivery solutions:-
Assess surveys, including transportation route risk, transit times, and the associated transportation costs
Offer cost effective transportation options from multiple points of origin
Complete Supply Chain / Project Management Service, maximize the shipping window
Multi-modal and Multi-location Transportation.
Conduct multi-packing based on cargo features
Site delivery, site services
Deliver to remote locations
Offer onsite logistics superintendence, to achieve effective movement of project cargo.
Provide tracking that keeps you aware of the status of your project
Case study:-

A : General Information

Type of cargo: Oversize electric equipment and component
Quantity: 1x20’ + 1x40’ + 5x40’FL
Weight / volume: Approximate 68,700 KGS / 480 CBM
Measurement: Maximum 1020cm(L) x 360cm(W) x 382cm(H)
Origin: Singapore
Destination: Shenzhen

B : Operations requirements

Design transportation plan
Route planning / road restriction for oversize cargo
Loading equipment selection (special chassis)