Wearing Apparel - Garment on Hanger Handling Service

GOH is one of the most popular handling methods especially for fashion, and expensive garments. It provides convenience to store in D.C. and direct to store level on rack.

Scanwell logistics traditionally handle numerous private labels, store brand, and garment importer. Technically, it differentiates from normal flat-pack that each garment’s outer packing is a poly-bag. Therefore, it is a sensitive and delicate pro- cess in handling the GOH in a clean with GOH equipment by skillful labors.

GOH handling focus:-

Our aim of management focus in GOH as:-

Quality Loading: keeping garment as Ex factory condition upon destination receiv- ing

Prevention of defect: eliminating the possible damages, wrinkle of garment, hanger and polybags in good condition,

Cost saving: calculation of transport cost of optimal quantity of piece to fit into the ULD Acceptance level: mutual acceptance of loading quantity and quality loading condition between loading plan and actual receipt party.

Value add to shipping: a pick-pack function enables for cross-dock delivery, and to store level distribution.

GOH process management highlights:-

Receiving process and standard specification – inspection of receiving by piece-count, quality check on garment, polybags, hangers, tags, style, color, size breakdown.….

Loading plan and instruction – both estimation in equipment and loading quantity as per budget cost, accessorial material for protection of garments, container/ULD..

Loading process inspection – execution in quality loading to avoid wrinkle and damages, space utilization, loading skill to avoid belly-effect, clean loading environment…

Loading quantity justification – identifying the nature of fabric, garment types, hanger size to determine an adequate loading quantity to avoid any defects.

ULD load chart – loading sequence, bar sequence to facilitate an efficient unloading sequence at destination with records.

Security and cargo safety measures – water-proof check of ULD, seal and lock, ULD inner protection with plastic sheet, pinewood and canvas protect for airfreight, net-divider if mixed buyer’s onsol of GOH and flat-pack cargo, bar installation and string system safety.