Wine Logistics Service

Wine Logistics Service

Living standard in China is gradually kept raising, thus, China becomes one of the largest consumption countries for Wines nowadays. More and more wineries from all over the world keeps expanding in this market. Scanwell logistics runs a full logistics service profile to suit the growth majoring in Hong Kong, Shenzhen , Shanghai , Beijing by offering logistics hubs of temperature control warehouse, distribution for retailers, joint events of wine trade and importing process alliance with Scanwell’s overseas wine logistics providers in many countries, such France in Europe, South Africa, South America, and Australia.

Facility and Service:-

Wine center and facility is in line with TAPA security standard, as well as to provide the best condition in EHS.
Value-add service offers in trade and products requirements; such as quality check Sanitary Certificate, back-label.
Proceeding NFQS – sample testing service in accordance to Sanitation certificate supplied by exporters.
Full cargo insurance coverage from point of port arrival to end delivery retailer/shops.
Both temperate-controlled bond and non-bond warehouse are equipped for storage.
KPI, audit, and inventory visibility is provided.
Time, documentation, customs process control and monitoring of events for
Import compliance.

Worldwide partnership:-

Meaning to wine logistics service providers overseas:-

Scanwell is welcoming all worldwide Wine Logistics Service provider to join us, and to modify a seamless supply chain management and wine distribution from your country into China. It means not limited to a logistics industry partnership, but a long term, reliable and steady wine distribution market.
Trade and marketing: There is ample of room in marketing development not only limited to wine logistics, but have to assist a further exploration of China market through variety of trade activities. Since the building block of trade relationship between exporter/s, wholesaler, retailers, B2C, is enhanced efficiently through a quality integrated logistics service.
A further pro-active marketing event can be taken place; such as trade show, promotion, e-marketing, and e-commerce with Chinese-Web-commerce is extended.
Meaning to Winery whom wish to extend the China market:-

As aforesaid introduction, Scanwell wishes to be your logistics and trade partner in China. There is lot of trading opportunity; however, you may have to look for more aggressive partner to develop the trade, on top of your direct export to existing buyers.
With support of a modified business solution, Scanwell logistics becomes your neutral partner in assisting all sort of development, under VMI <Vendor Inventory management> condition in protecting your assets. We are interested in performing an E-commerce of your Brand in selling local market with support of a well-organized logistics model.
Thus, Scanwell renders a logistics, trade and market flow of your business.